We are an established childcare provider that has been offering the very best standards of childcare for more than 15 years. Our vision is to create a home from home environment incorporating learning through play in a safe, happy and stimulating environment for children aged from 2 to 6years.

At Serpil’s World our aim is to help each child to reach the highest degree of independence and confidence, as well as to discover their own strengths academically and creatively, and to pave the way for them to go and be happy and inquisitive at school.

Here at Serpil’s World each individual child is cared and taught in a traditional and homely manner, in an environment that is both stimulating and fun.

We offer small classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers from two years up to six years of age. We pride ourselves on giving our children the individual attention they deserve to feel secure and express their needs creatively in a family-like atmosphere. We nurture the forming of strong relationships by supporting children’s play and adopting a problem solving approach to social conflict. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum with age appropriate activities and equipment. The Serpil’s World Nursery School curriculum is based upon years of research and input from leading experts, in early childhood education.

We are open for 48 weeks of the year between 8.30am-.6.00pm. We have half-day and full-day programs and offer one-way or two-way school service.

After working for 22 years. Serpil Acer retired from Barbaros Pre-school and founded Serpils World Nursery School in the year 2000 in Mersin. Serpil graduated from teacher vocational high school and completed undergraduate education at Gazi University, Ankara.

The school is now a family run business with both Serpils twin daughters Evrim and Umar developing the curriculum further with new knowledge and strengths.

Evrim who is the Manager of Serpils World nursery school  and graduated in Early Childhood Education from Toros University, Mersin, she thereafter attended Bilkent University where she graduated in Management.  Evrim has one daughter, Parla who was born in 2008.

Umar is responsible for the applicatıon of, theory or multiple intelligence approach and STEM.  She graduated from Bilkent University and Ataturk University in Child  Development.  Umar resided in the UK and while working in nurseries she attended the Pre-School Learning Alliance course, St.Johns Ambulance Early Years First Aid course, workshops and holds a National Award in working with Children.  Umar has one son, Yaman who was born in 2011.

At Serpils World we pride ourselves in the quality of our staff.  They are all assessed for their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm, dedication and especially for their love of children.  We have a high ratio of staff to children so that every child receives the individual attention he or she deserves.

There is also ongoing training in all areas offered to include paediatric first aid,  basic food hygiene, health and safety as well as more extensive training in two to five matters, early childhood goals.

As a school rule, cellular phones and cigarettes are not permitted.

Serpil’s Worls is a child-centred inquiry-based curriculum delivered through activities including language, drama, ballet, chess, music and physical education. Our English teacher Sandra, who is from Scotland is qualified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  A monthly program is created for each age groups. She implements English by using the projector, flashcards, action song videos, various materials and plays games with the children in our classes.

Our drama teacher graduated from Hacettepe University, who has worked in many different theatres, pantomines and taken part in various workshops.  Katibe builds self confidence,  decision making skills while creating scenarios and stories with the children. At the classes  different costumes and accessories are used to encourage the children to learn how to describe their feelings and work as part of a team.

Our chess teacher is a national chess competıtor and created Ezgi Chess Club.

Our music teacher  attended the Composition Unit in the School of Music.  She plays piano, accordian, flute and guitar.  In our music lessons our teacher  begins the lesson by creating a story, the children then accompany him with various instruments including a triangle, rhythm stick, bell, xylophone, maracas and castanets and different sizes of drums.  She also encourages the children to create sounds by using their bodies, glasses, ladels, pot lids and tubes as percussion instruments.

Our ballet teacher, San-Petersburg has a Masters Diploma from St Petersburg Ballet accademy.  She is an International ballet trainer.

Our gymnastic teacher Emrullah Adıguzel is a coach at Mersin University Sports School and he gives lessons to our children in the gymnastic hall at the University.  In our lessons the children gain self confidence, discipline, co-ordination, power, flexibility and become more fit while carrying out the gymnastic positions. They will also have  strong steps for a future success in sports.







At Serpil’s World Nursery School we have full time cooks who prepare nutritiously healthy meals which include breakfast as necessary, mid-morning snack, lunch and high tea. Monthly menu is always displayed, and all ingredients are freshly cooked daily.

The menu has been specifically designed to provide a balanced and healthy diet for the children. We are also happy to cater for special dietary requirements.The meal times also provide an opportunity for the children to learn many social skills including good table manners and an enjoyment of varied food that we are certain they are going to enjoy.

Every summer, strawberries for the jam, peas and kidney beans are prepared by our kids small hands for the winter time.

We have aura compact reverse osmosis system for drinking water and the purified water is served to the kids regularly along the day.